A former hermit in New Hampshire didn’t show up in court for his arraignment

A former hermit in New Hampshire who has been charged with trespassing on the wooded property he made his home for 27 years, and was ordered to leave, didn’t show up in court for his arraignment Monday, and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. A prosecutor said the state has had no contact with David Lidstone on the misdemeanor charge. No lawyer was listed for him, and he did not respond to phone messages. Lidstone, who was living in a shed on the property after his rustic cabin burned down last summer, told The Associated Press in an interview this year that he would have an attorney present. Lidstone, 81 — known as “River Dave” — was arrested in December and released on his own recognizance after he returned to the site of his property dispute with a man in Vermont who sued him. It’s been going on since 2016. The type of warrant issued Monday would arrest, and then release, a defendant for failing to appear in court, with the defendant promising to return to court during the next scheduled appearance.

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