Firefighters responded to a fire burning a Shadow Drive residence

Just after midnight on Tuesday morning firefighters responded to a fire burning a Shadow Drive residence. The single occupant of the residence at 14 Shadow Drive, homeowner Elda Pessini, had made her way out of the home and had gone to a neighbor’s house. CALEX personnel met with her and determined she was OK. A two-bay garage within the ranch-style home was heavily involved with fire as firefighters awaited water to charge the hoses. Chief Brad Reed commanded the scene calling for support from multiple departments. Fire trucks were positioned on Overcliff Road and down the hill on Cliff Street. First on scene for support were firefighters from Lyndonville and Danville. Shadow Drive is a dead-end street off of Overcliff Road in the village. It was minus 5 degrees at the time of the fire and water running down Overcliff was freezing, making for a slippery road surface for firefighters to trek.

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